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Large Nerikomi Bowl / Peach


A large nerikomi stoneware bowl, patterned and pressed using contrasting coloured clay. Each nerikomi bowl has a unique pattern inherent to the making process. These bowls are organic and irregular in shape.

Perfectly coupled as serving bowls at meal times.

Average diameter*height / 19cm*12.5cm

Out of stock

Glazed interior.
All pots are food safe.
Dishwasher safe, careful handwashing recommended.

Pleasing variations in size, shape and pattern from the item pictured may be present.
Ceramic surface underneath pieces may stain with strong coloured oils/food.
A refund of the difference will be given on any postage over estimate.

Nerikomi is the Japanese word for a pottery making technique that involves arranging coloured clay in a mosaic-like fashion.

In my iteration of nerikomi I layer coloured clay, compressing the layers into fine lines though various methods involving lifting, slamming and slapping a layered clay loaf. Slices of the loaf are then taken , with lines permeating across them. These slabs are then pressed into tableware such as bowls, cups and plates. The surface is then honed and often burnished too. After slow drying over 2 weeks, the pots are fired, and clear glazed on the interior, maturing at a high temperature of 1260°C.