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Small Recycled Stoneware Mug / Honey


Wheel thrown stoneware mug, glazed with a glossy dark glaze. These pots have been wheel thrown using clay recycled from nerikomi off-cuts, crushed nerikomi and glaze waste. The ceramic surface is rough with many imperfections.

Average diameter*height / 8cm*7cm (excluding handle), 270-300ml

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All pots are food safe.
Dishwasher safe, careful handwashing recommended.

Pleasing variations in size, shape and pattern from the item pictured may be present.
Ceramic surface underneath pieces may stain with strong coloured oils/food.
A refund of the difference will be given on any postage over estimate.

These pots are wheel thrown. A ball of clay is manipulated by hand while it spins on the potter’s wheel. When lifting the walls the clay fluidly transforms into cylinders, bowls and lids. The pots firm up overnight and are then turned with a metal tool to finish the underneath.

The pots are then fired, glazed and fired again to mature at 1260°C.